Yo I always skip leg day
— Fitness master/nominee for Beefiest Chinese Guy on Campus Kevin
When will I look like this
» 26 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Are Worth Every Penny
» http://instagram.com/p/mZV5B6DTx5/
This makes no sense. If she’s promoting the vegan lifestyle why would she also encourage people to bite her, whom is not a vegetable

There are real life people who begin Facebook statuses with “Females these days…”

That wasn’t a mistake, that was betrayal. I may not be able to control my erections around you, but we are done.
— President Fitz

Asian women need to stop doing eye makeup that involve creases. We don’t have creases. Double eyelids aren’t creases. Creases are not a part of our genetic makeup because we are Asian people. Using dark colors at that spot where our nonexistent crease sits looks really bad. Stick to an up and down gradient and our eyes would look fabulous. We are not white people and don’t need to look like white people or use make up techniques made for white people. Not even all white people are suited to where crease eye makeup. Come on now

So Laganja has ideas. I mean I was raised right so all I could do was nervous laugh about them, because I don’t know how to respond to them. I’m not gonna say like “No bitch that’s an awful idea, mine’s better,” but that was the truth of the situation!
— Adore Delano on working with Laganja Estranja
This is actually a really fun challenge for me, because I spit ill shit on the fuckin’ daily.
— Adore Delano on the 90’s rap challenge
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